Strut Supports & Brackets

We are capable of manufacturing all types and dimensions of available strut support systems including C channels, cantilever arms with additional brackets and fittings, complete systems with solutions of all types of hanging of cable strips, cables, pipes, ventilation duct systems.

Working closely with our customers we can also produce bespoke supports and fittings tailor made for your project.

Support systems are manufactured serially, or at your request, can be custom made just for your project. There are various surface treatments to suit your needs, such as electro galvanisation or hot-dip galvanizing.

Range of products:

  • C channels in all required dimensions
  • C channels single or double in all lengths
  • Cantilever arm, single or double in all lengths
  • Angle brackets
  • Connection brackets
  • Post bases
  • Beam clamps

All products are packed and labelled to customer requirements.

Strut support systems are used in the following industries:

  • Industry, halls, buildings and larger facilities
  • Roof support systems for HVAC installations
  • Factories, for indoor and outdoor installation  

Heavy duty support systems are used for:

  • Electrical power transmission and network (short and long distance)
  • Refineries and heavy industry (on and off-shore)
  • Heavy duty pipe support systems

Our products in the field of support systems provide security and consistent high quality.

Mass Production



Heavy Duty