Industrial platforms and stairs

The Perfect Fit

In today’s world of regulated work environments and safety compliance obligations, a workplace needs to make sure that is not only efficient for productivity, but also addresses employee safety.

Especially for Your Industry Many industries solve their height access issues with standard off the shelf solutions. But sometimes that isn’t enough. A workplace may present challenges with access to heights over certain obstacles and too uncommon equipment and structure heights. Short of getting customised solutions designed and manufactured to your specifications, you need a supplier who understands common height access issues in a variance of industries and already has the solution ready to go. That supplier is Todebo, professional in specialised access equipment.

Todebo has the capability for serial manufacturing or tailor made access equipment:

  • Industrial access stairway ladder
  • Portable and permanent handrail system
  • Cross over ladder
  • Maintenance platform
  • Work platform
  • Dock ladders and gangways
  • Boat landing with integrated ladder