Structures and Components

Todebo has the capability for serial manufacturing or tailor made, steel structures, parts of structures and components.

  • Structures and part of structures for constructions purposes
  • Base frames and foundations
  • Skids
  • Components for power-packs, pumps and engine rooms
  • Winch components and frames
  • Small vessels, pontoons and boats

The task of the above-mentioned components is to ensure the proper and safe functioning of large systems. The quality of our products makes us the first choice for international clients.

Through working with our clients, we are able to adapt our expertise in the field of construction, in order to exceed expectations and help them to reach their goals. We continue to invest in development of employees, technology and production facilities. As a result of these activities, our knowledge and experience increase, and thus increases the ability to produce ‘just in time’ and more effective solutions to achieve better results.

According to our clients requirements, we offer a complete range of services including all kinds of surface treatments.